3R Research at 3ROCKIT

In vivo preclinical studies are still mandatory and strictly regulated  for most health technology  approvals. They are required by law to ensure a proper risk assessment of the devices, therapies and diagnostics  and  are allowing the maximum protection of the patient’s health. At the PreClinical Research Center at 3ROCKIT we are highly committed to conduct all studies according to the 3R principles whenever it is possible. To fullfil a long-term perspective on reducing animal studies the PreClinical Research Center supports this 3R research by operating a validation pipeline for alternative methods to make future health technology research more reliable and animal friendly.

Preclinical research
Mouse Research
Zebrafish research U.Schepers@KIT
Zebrafish Research

Research Topics

  •   Tumor progression/Metastasis
  •   Liver Diseases
  •   Multiple Sclerosis
  •   Neurobiology
  •   Information/signaling
  •   Drug development
  •   Materials research
  •   Clinical Trial Phase I/Ib Europe 2016-2021
  •   Clinical Trial Phase China/Hinova Pharmaceuticals 2021

preclinical research center
Preclinical Research Center
Services for preclinical research
  • Models for human physiology and pathology (e.g. tumor xenograft, syngeneic models,..)
  • Surgery
  • Collection of blood and tissue samples
  • Administration of cells and compound (orthotopic, intradermal, subcutan, i.v., i.p., i.t.) 
  • Embryo transfer
  • Pronuclear injection of DNA (CRISPR/Cas,..) 
  • Blastocyst injection of ES cells
  • Characterization of gene-targeted clones 
  • Cryopreservation of mouse embryos 
  • Genotyping
  • Practical courses for technician and animal care taker


Additional Services of the Preclinical Research Center

Primary Cell Isolation:

  •     Organoids
  •     Tissue Engineering
  •     Tissue sections for Organ on a chip

Transplantation of Materials Systems

Drug Screening for Theranostics

Neuronal Networks

  •     Neurobiology research
  •     Tissue-robotic interface
  •     Materials-based deep brain stimulation