Research groups at KIT develop particle accelerators and related enabling technologies with applications in precision medicine, in particular in radiation therapy.

Particle accelerators are a key technology not only for basic research but also for industry and medicine. Novel compact accelerators, in conjunction with real-time imaging systems, promise to make radiation therapy more gentle, more accessible, and more cost effective. These developments are closely intertwined with a broad range of enabling technologies, from superconducting magnet and power systems, cryogenic and vacuum technologies, microwave and laser technologies, and systems for monitoring, control and diagnosis to computer science. At KIT these efforts are bundled in the multidisciplinary Accelerator Technology Platform (ATP). We will co-develop novel systems in close collaboration with experts from biomedicine, medical physics, and radiotherapy.


Compact RF-based and pulsed power devices for particle sources  (Jelonnek, IHM/ Müller, IHM)

Particle detector systems for radiation therapy  (Dierlamm, IPE,ETP /  Husemann, ETP / Peric, IPE / Stieglitz, INR)

Radiation transport and beam-tissue interaction (R. Stieglitz, INR / Ferrari, IAP)

Modelling of novel acceleration methods (Hochbruck, IANM / Müller, IBPT)

THz generation, imaging, and tomography (Bründermann, IBPT / Frank,  SCC / Scherer, IAM)

Precision steering, positioning, and control of accelerators and beams (Asfour, IAR / Garcia, IBPT / Mathis-Ullrich, IAR)

Energy system design and energy efficient components for compact accelerator systems (De Carne, ITEP / Grohmann, TTK, Holzapfel, ITEP)

Exploration of new modalities in radiation therapy (Bründermann, IBPT / Müller, IBPT)

HTS materials and magnets for compact accelerators (Arndt, ITEP / Holzapfel, ITEP)


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