KITs a work worldwide reputation in IT. E.g. KIT runs one of Germany’s biggest scientific data processing facilities, and many of these data are health related. Our research spans from high performance and high throughput data handling by means of novel computer and data storing architectures in the backend running our worldwide acknowledged algorithms to ultra-low power but fast front end processing with worldwide unique HW, from analog computing circuits to embedded systems for medical wearables and specific novel AI-driven system concepts for medical devices to novel computing concepts specific for high performance medical imaging.

We specifically address to tear down the walls of data use in the health domain, by researching new principles of economic data handling, sharing and computing considering the high demands of GDPR. We are bringing in competences from various research domains including CS, economics and law. We span the scope from basic research to large scape operating facilities to enable use of own technology within the KIT, but also to make them available to other researchers, large and small industry.