Our mission

The KIT Emerging Field „Health Technologies“ promotes the digital transformation of medical technologies,personalized medicine and patient care to provide next generation innovation for our future global health challenges. Our mission is to develop successful digital and technological solutions from the patient's perspective and focus on their medical needs and everyday activities. This will fundamentally change the care processes and the use of healthcare services; the point of care will increasingly shift from the doctor's office and the clinics to the patient (e-health, telemedicine, wearables). Health Technologies at KIT is a collaborative center, which is strongly dedicated to  accelerate research and enable innovation in

  1. Technology for precision medicine
  2. Ubiquitous, holistic and individualized patient care
  3. Development and establishment of a global health data space and consistent digitization of the healthcare system

for the resilience, autonomy and democratization in health care. With the digital transformation advanced personalized and holistic health technologies can push whole-person care to ultimately prevent and cure disease.

Structure of KITHealthTech