Research interests within KHeaT

The main research focus is on managing risks in digitalized medical service provisioning and engineering secure and resilient healthcare systems. We develop novel approaches to improve future medical care using methods in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence. We thereby employ inter alia digital twins and graph analytics. Furthermore, our research focuses on holistic cyber risk management. A main aim is to enable efficient cyber risk management relying on the analysis of cyber threat intelligence for enabling bio-inspired artificial immune systems for digitalized networks and by doing so engineering secure systems in healthcare.

Digitalization, digitization, informatization, automatization, technitization, and intelligentization are key for transforming medical service provisioning for reaching novel levels of efficiency and higher quality in medical care. Robustness against cyber risks and the resilience of healthcare systems are of central importance for the sustainable digitization of healthcare and the possibility of leveraging the opportunities associated with digital medicine. We think these aspects together.