Data Driven Therapeutic Drug Management (TDM)

The critical role of drug dosage has been long known for patients hovering between life (efficacy) and death (either toxicity or subtherapeutic exposure) since antiquity. TDM is the clinical practice of measuring the drug concentrations in blood or plasma, or in other biological fluids that can be linked to blood drug concentrations. This measured drug concentration is then used to adjust the drug dosing regimen by targeting a concentration or exposure interval, called a therapeutic range for the optimum benefit of each individual patient. Here the challenge is how to represent and interpret the response of the patient to the administrated drug.

With our collaborators from Freiburg University (Dr.-Ing. Can Dincer) and Jena University Hospital (PD Dr. med. Stefan Hagel), we are (i) identifying patterns within the extensive medical data collected from patients during the drug admission between various biomarkers and patient status. AI toolbox enables us to create digital patient models from raw medical data to quantify the therapeutic response and guide the drug therapy.