Research interest within KHeaT

We find diagnostic antibodies:

Based on our high-density peptide arrays, we developed an unbiased method that gives us a sequence for the individual serum antibodies, i.e. those amino acids within the peptide that are mandatory for antibody binding (= “fingerprint”).

Many / the majority(?) of diagnostic antibodies are inherited:

When we used different found serum antibodies to query databases, we surprisingly found that some 20-60% of found fingerprints are identical in different patients. That indicates these antibodies are inherited (unpublished).

Inherited antibodies mean parallelized diagnosis is feasible:

Once elucidated, the way antibodies are inherited can be used to find & patent many of them to use this type of antibodies for parallelized diagnosis.

Parallelized diagnosis improves health care:

In principle, >10.000 different diagnoses for <1€ chemical costs is feasible. That should (i) improve health care, and (ii) elucidate “disease factors” for hitherto unknown diseases.

High-density peptide arrays