Mobile health for mental health

The mental mHealth Lab, headed by Ulrich Ebner-Priemer, is a leading institution on mHealth approaches for mental disorders. Our work is characterized by its methodological focus on Ambulatory Assessment. Covered by national and international grants, we provide the technological mHealth framework, real-time compliance monitoring, and expertise on data analyses for multiple studies which a) assess momentary mechanisms in daily life (BMBF: EmpowerYou, STAR, START, RELATER and Horizon 2020 Eat2beNice, b) monitor illness trajectories over months and years (Collaborative Research Centre TRR 265/DFG: Losing and Regaining Control over Drug Intake), and c) provide mHealth interventions (BMBF: TherapyBuilder, BipoLife Horizon 2020: CoCa). Together with our technological partner movisens, we developed an unique system of connected assessment tools with real-time analysis and feedback capabilities.